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The most effective way to find new accounts in need of your services through behavior-based tracking. 

Our Process

Our Process

Step 1. 

Quantum Audience Targeting

We pull data from 1st, 2nd, and 3rd party sources, to build a list of companies in-market for your services. We then layer this with public records criteria. 

We call this intent-data, meaning they are actively discussing or researching a problem you solve.

We then lead score your list based on criteria and behavior signals so we know whom to target first.


Marketing and sales share the same data - this way your sales team already knows what your prospects want, and get notified live in real-time when they show a "significant level of interest" in your company. 

How do you find out which companies are in buying cycles?

Quantum Audience Targeting



30% increase in sales

"Kyber Digital delivered behavioral insights on our new client base that we didn't even know we needed. They leveraged potential customer behavior data to automate how and when we engaged with new accounts.  This was a better way to find and educate procurement managers... and they helped us redefine our offer so we could submit something new to the market in what is otherwise a commoditized industry.  I recommend them to anyone who wants to expand!"

Tim Hersey - CEO Penn DelMar Power

Image by Ricardo Gomez Angel

About Our Programs

Kyber Digital is a business development and marketing firm. 

Founded by Drexel University software engineers, we target companies' intent data. This is what we call Quantum Audience Targeting.

Where we took this a step further was the way that we merge this data with account-based, education marketing.


Contact us with any questions or concerns, regarding the services or packages we offer.

While we typically get back to our clients very quickly, please allow 1-2 business days for a response.

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