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The most efficient, most effective way to expand your contracting company into new markets is with Quantum Audience Targeting. 


The most efficient, most effective way to grow your contracting business

Search engine optimization is one of the best investments that helps take your industrial contracting business to the next level. If you have been wondering whether to invest in SEO, you have come to the right place.


Investing in SEO is similar to putting money in a 401k for your business. The money you invest will gain value over time and remain in your account.


Search engine optimization creates long-term value for your business that will continue to accrue over time. Whether looking for something home-related, or something related to their work… there are Google search results, and real contact form submissions and phone calls happening every day.

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How does it work? With...

Quantum Audience Targeting™

The most efficient, most effective way to get new customers.

Rather than the old way of serving your entire state ads, we have access to proprietary AI generated behavioral-based data - which is essentially people on your area that are actively tracked online looking for industrial contracting services. 

Go A Step Further With

Account Based Marketing

Feel Confident In Growing Your Business

Referral Networking

We will build you a targeted network based on the accounts that you want to be affiliated with or have become clients. 


We curate a hyper-focused list of accounts or prospects based on specific criteria that you give us. We then use this data to create extremely highly targeted ads and email campaigns. 


Email Capture and Nurturing 

In tandem with profiling, we capture any and all site visitor’s emails and Linkedin profiles to then future them with specific target campaigns based on how they entered the CRM. 



Unlike Google and Facebook which are limited to a region, we can target specific geography with an accuracy of 3 feet. Anyone who enters our blueprinted area will be targeted. Use cases are conventions, corporate HQ buildings, social events, etc. 



Any prospects who have shown significant interest in your company by engaging in your ad and spending time on your page we will re-target with ads and email campaigns to incentivize conversions.


Brand Awareness & Digital Omnipresence 

The social portion of your company. This includes blogs, press, and sponsorships. 



Don't Just Take Our Word For It

"I was very, VERY, skeptical of Kyber Digital's ability to deliver on what they were promising.  They proved me wrong.  30 days in and we were up $55,000 from the month prior. Communication is stellar - they truly care about their clients. It's like they're directly a part of our company."


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