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Meet Your Team

Meet the team behind your growth. 

Founder & CEO

Jay Miller

Ask yourself this one question every day... what would Tom Hanks do?

Web Development Director

Aaron Mong

When Aaron isn't making websites or writing emo songs that were cool 15 years ago, he's probably drinking a gin & tonic watching Marvel movies with his 3 cats. 

Community Outreach & Research Specialist

Mishail Qaiser

Mishail loves to travel and experience new cultures. When she's not studying, you can catch her being an avid advocate for women's fashion. 

Digital Content Specialist

Angel Joseph Ingutan

Angel loves to explore nature with friends, especially waterfalls. Like many of us, he loves the beach with the exception of those pesky sand crabs that bite your toes. 

Data Reporting Assistant

Clarice Bagas

When Clarice isn't managing social media platforms, she's an awesome mom who enjoys peace and quiet whenever she can get it!

Project Manager

Brittany Churchill

Brittany is a yoga teacher, discoball and dinosaur enthusiast and self proclaimed systems nerd.

Digital Content Manager

Kayla Shawley

Kayla believes that cats are better than dogs and Nick is the best Jonas Brother. 

Advertising Specialist

Maya Goldstein

Another Philly native on the team, Maya is our Google and Facebook Ads specialist. When she's not analyzing numbers, she enjoys the outdoors. 

Web Design Specialist

Luel Kane Galleto

When Luel isn't designing websites and reading site traffic heat maps, he can be found either playing guitar, singing, or binge-watching a new anime. 

Office Assistant

Kendall Bao

"Take advantage of every opportunity you get because some things only happen once in a lifetime. Be stressed, blessed and coffee obsessed."

Account Success Manager

Rebecca Hathaway

If you’re ever worried about directions, Rebecca is not your girl. But if you have any burning questions about One Direction, she is definitely your girl.

Community Outreach & Research Manager

Sarah Hassan

Sarah is our oldest team member so we like to joke and call her "the dinosaur."  When Sarah's not performing market research, she loves to travel with her children and has a love for mountain ranges.

Video Creator & Editor

Kendall Joyce T. Abrio

Kendall has a pug that goes on outdoor adventures more than most dogs ever do. When she's not working, her passion is to explore nature. She'd quite literally work from the beach every day if she could... when will they invent sand-proof laptops?

Social Media Specialist

Marlo Joshua Brua

I am not that passionate about finding love ... but I am surely passionate about establishing real love between you and your brand followers.  

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