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Why Do We

Love Our Work?

Everyone has an origin story, right?

Kyber Digital was founded to help a friend.

The Death Of Small Business...

Before Kyber Digital, the company's partners Jay and Aaron had been producing digital media freelance work together for years.


In 2015, they were ultimately approached by a friend whose plumbing business was struggling to obtain new clients against competitors. He asked if they could "do some Google magic or somethin'" to get the business to show up in online searches. 

They took on the challenge, despite knowing nothing about SEO at the time.

This was the catalyst. 

The Business Strikes Back!

In two years' time, that business went from $250k a year to $2M a year in sales. He was able to hire more people, pay them better, remove himself from fieldwork.

It led the co-founders to realize that they could actually change the course of people's lives with their marketing skillsets.  It was humbling and fulfilling. 

Eventually, Kyber Digital was founded as a means to that end.

(and yes, for the other nerds out there, Kyber is a reference to Kyber crystals from Star Wars...)

The Rest Is History...

Today, Kyber Digital operates as an account-based marketing agency for B2B companies, and currently serves clients all over the globe.

We pride ourselves on close relationships with all of our clients. 

What We Believe

Bold Stratagies

There's no cookie-cutter approach here. We forge tailor-made campaigns that use focus on one thing - delivering your customers a better experience.


We're honest about our processes, and provide radical transparency when it comes to reporting, strategy, and methods.

Cutting Edge

It feels like digital marketing trends rise and fall faster than it took to type this sentence. So, it's our job to not only stay ahead of the market and tech changes but also to predict them - so that our clients can take advantage of being early adopters.

Why Kyber Digital?

It's about YOU. 


We were founded on the idea of helping business owners adapt to

new technologies and marketing conditions. 

We still retain those values today and work tirelessly to get our clients

extraordinary results and help them build not just a better brand, but a legacy.

Create Demand

For Your Business

To see if you qualify, book now. 

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