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You Pay For 

Calls - That's It. 

  • Calls are generated from Google 

  • Calls are prequalified at our call center 

  • Only pay for qualified leads

We Identify The Highest Quality

Source's Of Traffic

We Identify The Holy Grail Of Traffic

We combine over 10,000 micro-keywords to create the Holy Grail of customer acquisition, as you can intersect buyers at the peak of their buyer journey.

We Rank Traffic Faster & Safer

Using a combination of GPT-3 and real-time analytics, we are able to build up to 45,000 optimized assets that Google absolutely loves.

We Utilize 100% Of Incoming Traffic

Using Identify Resolution, we can identify the average 83% of “Dead-Traffic” to save and convert on average 40% of these vistors into qualified calls.

We Are 100% Performance Based

Our clients only pay for the calls we generate. All calls are generated via our inbound call center and directed by warm transfer to the client exclusively.

Increasing Call Volume

While Decreasing Costs

We generate up to 3x the amount of calls than our competitors without extra cost.

Our clients enjoy the benefits and pay less for more.

To ensure results, we only work with one client per industry and market

We Do All Of This...

Without waiting 6-12 months for domain authority to kick in. 

Without risking being penalized by Google

Without building assets and guessing

Within 5 days we can create over 45,000 quality assets bringing in 16,000 visitors.

Roof Repair - 2,057 calls generated

averaging a 30% close rate

“We rank for the highest quality search terms within days, while creating an evergreen asset that can never be removed”

  • Will you help with strategy and figuring out the best campaign for my client?
    Yes! We will absolutely work with you to help craft a strategy for the campaign of the client. For example, if they buy a Facebook ads campaign from you, we will work with you on what the best strategy would be for that market to deliver the results the client is looking for. If the client needs an offer, we charge separately to build that. To be clear, we do not help you close clients or provide anything other than case studies to help you close clients.
  • How long does it take to set up?
    We CAN have ads running in as little as 48 hrs. However, we ask for a 14 day set up time to properly conduct market research and strategize with the client on how to generate the most revenue the fastest.
  • Do you use templates for the campaign?
    In short, NO. We do NOT template anything - every campaign is custom built and tailored to the needs of the client. This is why any PPC campaign has a strategy call prior to campaign buildout. We DO however rely on historial data from across all of our campaigns to ensure we are using up to date methods and tactics and proper targeting.
  • For Facebook Ads, what does it mean the client must submit video content?"
    Covid-19 destroyed the old way. Your client needs to be using video or they'll be left behind. Video is necessary to make these campaigns run effectively. If you're client isn't going to do video ads, there's almost no point in running them on Facebook at all. We have a healthy split fo 60% video and 40% images. We can also give your client scripts so that they know what to say and do, and they can use an iPhone, no need for fancy equipment.
  • Do you provide White Label reporting?
    Yes, we do.
  • How do I onboard a client?
    Fill out this form:
  • What is Third-Party Behavior and how is it used in the ads?
    Essentially, it means we only target people ACTIVELY SEARCHING for your businesses' product or service - off of Google. For example, if you have an HVAC contractor trying to get new installations, we can track consumer behavior acrossed the internet (outside of Google and Facebook) that shows who is in the early discovery stages of purchasing a new unit. Essentially we use our data partners to get real-time signals for people absorbing content on the internet which implies that they are looking for X service or product. This can also be double layered or replaced with Geo-Fencing.
  • How does onboarding and billing work?
    1. Once you sign a client, you'll submit a Client Commitment Form, found on this page 2. Once you get payment from your client, we will bill you for the package they are on. 3. Once we recieve your payment, we will schedule a strategy call with you to go through any and all questions you have about how the campaign is going to run and work. 4. We will send you a Prospect Examination Google Form for your client to fill out. This needs to be done before campaign launch. 4. Only after the campaign is built and approved and goes live does the client's billing cycle initiate. This will be your agency's recurring billing start date moving forward. 5. We will bill on an automated recurring basis, meaning your card gets charged automatically. If you wish to cancel, we need 3 days notice before the card is charged again. 6. We will provide bi-weekly reports.
  • Are your methods up to date with the iOS update and Google removing cookies?
    YEP! For Google, we set our software up synced with Tradedesk so that we aren't relying on cookies for server. For Facebook, see below: This is the old way of tracking users. New way of tracking users. Our team uses API connections and software to create our own first party data hub for your clients so that you can still retarget users.
  • Do you A/B test?
    Yes. We will create a flywheel method of ad circulation to test various copy and images and videos. We will also test 2 separate landing pages. We use HotJar and Plerdy heatmaps and Google Analytics to effectively monitor, measure, and determine customer interaction on these pages.
  • How does White Label work?
    A white-label service provider sells white-label PPC (pay-per-click) or SEO services to an agency to re-sell. The service provider then rebrands the services with their own logo and sells it to the agency, a business client. The white-label supplier’s digital advertising team fulfills the services the agency purchased from the server provider—all under the service provider's brand. This is typically done when agencies are just getting started and cannot yet hire internally.
  • Are landing pages included in PPC set up?
    No. If your client does not have landing pages, they will need to be created. We charge $200 for each landing page and it's A/B test counterpart.
  • What does "A.I Driven" ads mean?"
    This is true artificial intelligence software. Think OPTIMIZATION. We use software that has human-like decision making. It focuses both on historical behaviors acrossed national campaigns, and also data-lead optimizations that our human eyes may have missed. Yes, we still check the campaigns daily and still perform manual adjustments. The A.I. is to ensure we don't miss anything, as well as rapidly optimzie your campaigns.
  • Can I target more than 10 keywords on the GMB package?
    Yes. Each additional set of keywords is an additional $500 per month. What we recommend doing is ranking the first 10, and then moving to the next 10, so the client's expenses aren't high. We determine which keywords to target through the strategy call and keyword research.
  • Do you have guaranteed results?
    Yes. Our guarantees are in place for the first 90 days of your campaign. For Google My Business: 90 day guranteed rankings - Includes 10 keywords within a 10 mile radius of the business address. - Our guarantee is to rank the location in the 3 pack within a circumference of 1 mile of business address, and rank in top 10 everywhere else. * 120 days for Peronal Injury, Locksmiths, or HVAC. For Google Ads At least 10 calls/leads per month * Requires $3000/month of ad spend. For Facebook Ads Minimum 10 leads per month, rolling 90 days. * Requires $1000/month of ad spend What happens if we miss the guarantee delivery? We will put in our own ad dollars for the first 90 days to ensure the goals are met. Your client MUST be spending the required ad spend amount for our gurantees to be in effect.
  • Do you interact with our clients?
    No. We are the implementation team, and therefore you are the client account manager.

Join 50 Clients Across

20 Industries

In the past 24 months, our team has generated hundreds of quality in-bound calls averaging a 25-30% conversion rate.

Give us a call now and learn how you could be next.

You Pay For Calls

That's It.

We build ever-green, inexpensive assets that have zero risk, take 1/4th time to rank, and are impossible to take down. We maximize every visitor, using identity resolution to provide more for less.

Join 50 Clients Across

20 Industries

In the past 24 months, our team has generated hundreds of quality in-bound calls averaging a 25-30% conversion rate.

Give us a call now and learn how you could be next.

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