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10 Ways To Get Home Improvement Leads That No One Is Talking About

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

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You work hard every day to bring in new contracts to support your business.

As a roofer, plumber, or HVAC technician, you know that it can be difficult not only to land these clients but also to keep them happy and to keep your business flourishing.

Luckily, there are a lot of things—simple things—that you can do to get more home improvement leads.

When you look at this list of 10 things to do to get more leads, know that not many people are talking about this, which means that competition is low.


These 10 simple things will pull in sales-qualified leads and help grow your business.

1. Ringless Voicemail

Voicemail - Recording

A ringless voicemail, also known as a voicemail drop, is a method where a pre-recorded audio message will play automatically without the telephone ring first.

This practice is common in negative industries (like debt collection services) but that’s not what we’re focusing on here.

Because ringless voicemail is extremely effective when used responsibly, it can be seen as non-intrusive and a responsible alternative to other types of messaging.

To the consumer, all they will see is a voicemail pop-up. This will allow you to drop a voicemail into their system without being screened on call.

Ringless voicemail really only works when they are backed by a strong offer and timeliness.

So if you get a call from an interested buyer of a new metal roof, then you can use ringless voicemail to get clients to call you back, as a follow-up to a lead, or to provide a roofing discount.

In most states, though, you have to obtain permission for ringless voicemails, as well as provide an opt-out option.

2. Invite Your Best Customers or Best Advocates onto a Podcast or Video Blog

Podcast - Kyber

If you’re more of a commercial client, you could consider inviting customers, referrals, and partners to discuss your services or products on an upcoming podcast or video blog.

For the customer, there could be long-term benefits like discounts or royalties (if you prefer!).

Some people just love doing you a favor!

For the business, there are a lot of long-term benefits. Your audience will find the review to be more trustworthy than basic testimonials.

It will also allow your business to demonstrate your value as unique and differentiate you from your competition.

This is not a testimonial. Instead, it’s presented like a discussion on market conditions.

You could bring up how difficult it can be to find a good contractor these days given expensive pipe prices and project backlogs for plumbers in your area.

Then you can go into the ways that your business solved the client’s problems.

3. Attend a Local Chamber of Commerce Event and Network

Another great and virtually free marketing tool is by attending a chamber of commerce event in your area.

Chamber of commerce meetings and events are filled with local business people and are a great way to connect with others in your industry, in your neighborhood, or those looking for your services.

You might stumble upon a construction company that recently bought an old apartment and is planning on demolishing it and building new high-end condos.

If you run an HVAC company, then you could offer your HVAC contracting services to help outfit the entire building with HVAC and air ducts!

4. Tap Into Insurance or State/Federal Tax Incentives

There are often many incentives that your business could tap into that would offer financial discounts. Insurance companies and tax incentives are usually unheard of or under-researched, especially in the home improvement industry.

Therefore, you could be helping to educate your customers about a state or federal tax incentive that they were unaware of.

Talking broadly about these incentives doesn't work. Instead, you will have to do your research into the local laws.

Federal Tax Incentives - Kyber

Research state and federal laws in your area to try to find some type of homeowners incentives that could pay off in terms of contracting, construction services, and home improvement.

You can then use this as leverage in your sales landing page.

For example, if your state gives rebates for new homeowners or any individual who wants to modernize their home, then you can tap into that market.

Offer a discount, expedited services, or a free assessment for homeowners looking to upgrade their home to solar panels. If you’re an HVAC company, then you can use this as a great leveraging point for why HVAC should be updated.

Your HVAC, the solar panels, and the rebate combined could be a great cost savings in terms of energy efficiency.

Even if you can’t take advantage of the offer directly, providing educational content is a major plus.

5. Offer Flexible Financing

Flexible financing is another major selling point. Home repairs, maintenance, and installs can add up, and every homeowner looks at these expenses with trepidation.

If you want to lock in a homeowner as a client (and you should, as they have major lifetime value), you could offer flexible financing.

You could even try to offer financing through a partner, or one that supports a home warranty plan or a homeowners insurance plan.

With flexible financing, you let the customer pay what they want monthly. It usually helps to partner with a financial partner like Enhancify so that you aren’t taken advantage of!

6. Providing Education Based Content (Preferably Video Content)

Education based content is content that informs your online visitors about a potential home repair solution, DIY fix, or potential issue to look out for. This type of content can come in the form of education on your website, through a blog, or in a quick video.

Contractors that put up at-home DIY Youtube videos can be extremely helpful. This type of content is great if you can also sell a product, as this means you can reach a wider audience.

However, if you are a service provider in a local area, then you’ll want to address keywords related to your geographical area.

By providing an overview of how to fix a leaky faucet (if you’re a plumber), how to spot potential roof problems (as a roofing contractor), or signs of a failing HVAC (as an HVAC technician), then you can easily inform and provide support to potential customers online. You could collect a lot of leads this way.

7. Sponsoring Larger Local Events in a City or County

If you have the budget for marketing, you can easily sponsor a local event in your city or county.

By sponsoring a larger local event, you are getting your name out there to your target audience.

For the most part, local events will attract a large majority of local audiences. And by attending the event, you are putting a face to the brand!


  • A town day

  • Little League teams

  • Fairs and carnivals

  • Contests

  • Or local festivals

8. Direct Mail Campaigns

So many people in the home improvement industry are switching to online marketing that there is still a market for direct mail marketing. It can be tricky to do direct marketing without a plan, so you must have a strategy.

First and foremost, your direct mail marketing campaign must have a strong offer associated with it.

You’ll also have to do some research into the target audience, the goal of your marketing plan, and the best offers to provide.

Make sure to personalize your direct mail campaign somehow, whether that is by tailoring your mail to homeowners versus renters, or at the very least using their name.

This will build trust, and you’ll find that some people do reach out if they are in need of your contracting services.

Direct mail is great if you are a local HVAC service provider or repairman and you live in an area with extreme temperatures, like sustained heat waves or varying weather conditions!

Don’t hesitate to send out direct mail and to connect with the locals to grow your homeowner clients!

9. Out of House Marketing

Out of house marketing is known as, well, traditional marketing avenues. These aren’t necessarily outbound (always advertisements) but they are analog offers. Think local gyms, sponsorships, and lawn signs.

These out-of-house marketing tactics are still very much welcome. If you are a roofing repair company, for example, you can quite easily have a sign that is made up and ready to go up on your client’s lawn the second you have sealed the deal.

Marketing Team - Kyber

People driving by will be intrigued by the roofing repair as it happens and the name of your company might stick in their brains for when they need their own roof fixed.

As always, if you use out of house marketing, be prepared to provide a discount or offer.

Especially if they mention that form of advertising! Be smart about where you put these offerings.

You may be able to advertise at your local gym like the YMCA and to provide YMCA-supported discounts or partnership offers. Be sure to advertise where your clients always are!

10. Promoting Your Preventative Maintenance Packages

Finally, our tenth and final idea for collecting home improvement leads is the preventative maintenance (PM) package.

Honestly, we’re surprised that there aren’t more companies really capitalizing on their PM packages!

The PM package might be more standard but so many companies fail to mention their PM package or promote it through dedicated marketing campaigns.

In reality, it is not viewed as a major selling point because (we think) it offers a slow ROI and more work. However, you should be pushing your PM packages harder as they come with so many benefits that your customer will really appreciate.

Not only can you help your customers stay dedicated to some kind of maintenance schedule, keeping their HVAC system, plumbing system, or roof well-maintained, but you can also call out potential problems earlier on and avoid costly repairs!



As a roofer, plumber, or HVAC technician, you know that it can be difficult not only to land these clients but also to keep them happy and to keep your business flourishing.

Luckily, there are 10 simple things that you can do to get more home improvement leads:

  1. Ringless voicemail

  2. Invite Your Best Customers or Best Advocates onto a Podcast or Video Blog

  3. Attend a Local Chamber of Commerce Event

  4. Insurance or State/Federal Tax Incentives

  5. Offer Flexible Financing

  6. Provide Education-based Content

  7. Sponsor Larger Local Events

  8. Direct Mail Campaigns

  9. Out of House Marketing

  10. Promoting Preventative Maintenance Packages

By doing these simple things, you can stay ahead of the competition and bring in high-quality, sales qualified leads.


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