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Adzooma VS WordStream Vs AdHawk: Which is the best advertising management platform?

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Adzooma vs. WordStream vs. AdHawk: Learning The Difference Between These Softwares

Adzooma is basically an online advertising platform that’s disrupting the digital agency space by assisting businesses in growing through a suite of powerful, easy to use, and smart advertising tools. Primarily, Adzooma’s goal is to make digital marketing straightforward, cost-effective, and accessible to all businesses, regardless of their size. Since it’s integrated with Facebook, Google Ads, and Microsoft Ads, Adzooma enables you to optimize and manage your online advertising accounts quickly through the implementation of innovative tools and reports. Pricing

Adzooma is now FREE. You don’t even need card details.


They have upsold their marketplace, which costs $400 / month to be featured on. Now, agencies can get leads through their marketplace, and users of Adzooma can search the marketplace for help in all facets of marketing.

Support If you need to speak to an expert, Adzooma’s friendly team is always there to answer any of your inquiries. They’ll choose a time that seems convenient to you, and they’ll give you a call. You can use call, email, or live chat to contact their support team.

Features and UI - Adzooma’s Opportunity Engine professionally performs custom-made checks to offer suggestions that are specific to your business. There is no hidden agenda, only reliable tips to minimize wasted spend and enhance ROI. - FREE Paid Ads Reporting Suite, which includes a funnel and cross channel reporting. - FREE PPC Performance Report to verify your advertising campaign’s performance. - All opportunities are actionable within Adzooma - many of them with a single click. This saves you time and money. - Excellent customer support since they genuinely listen to and apply client feedback.

So, what’s great about Adzooma? - Businesses that advertise on Google Ads find it useful when they want a faster way to determine, and action, various opportunities for improvement. - It’s ideal for those who need a more straightforward, easy-to-comprehend Google Ads management platform. - Getting regular reports on useful tips, and what is not working in terms of your online advertising campaigns. - It's great for marketers and PPC managers who would want to monitor the performance of their PPC campaigns closely and don’t want to be overloaded with complex data. - A fast way to apply changes and optimizations to individual Google Ads campaigns, target settings, and adverts. - Minimizing wasted spend, improving reach, and increasing the number of successful conversions for a significantly higher ROI. If you want to results from the PPC Optimization Tool or PPC Health Check, you’ll have to link your particular Google Ads account to Adzooma. AIl optimization features and Facebook advertising management are still in beta.

Managed vs. Non-managed for your services Each campaign is different from the other, and this makes PPC advertising such a challenging medium to master. For this reason, management companies are crucial. They help businesses in creating, managing, and optimizing their paid accounts and thus save time and money. PPC marketing demands you to budget for your ads and hire a professional company to manage them. If you own a small business, the more important your budget is when you are outsourcing work. Usually, PPC management companies divide costs into two groups: a fixed plan and a separate ad spend, plus a monthly management fee. When identifying how far your money goes, reporting is essential. So ensure that you analyze everything before making any spending changes. Generally, Adzooma’s price plans are quite straightforward.


WordStream has generally positioned itself within the market as an ideal solution for both small-and-medium-sized businesses. Typically, they claim to streamline several aspects of your online advertising, regardless if it’s conversion tracking, account optimization, workflow, reporting, and a few other features. Surprisingly, WordStream also claims that we only need to take 20 minutes on your PPC efforts every week to see an impact. Due to their management software and recommended workflow, they want to eliminate the misconception that online advertising is tedious. What’s more, they can assist in advertising on Google and Facebook Ads while you also manage campaigns across different platforms and devices. Above all, WordStream is primarily made for PPC landing pages and leads. It promises to distinguish itself from its competitors by lowering the amount of time you take on your PPC efforts every week. Pricing - There is free trial - Up to $2,500/month: $294/month - $2,500-$5,000/month: $414/month - $5,000-$10,000/month: $769/month - Over $25,000/month: Contact vendor Wordstream offers competitive product rates for organizations and businesses seeking top-class PPC software. Furthermore, users can receive standard bundles depending on their expenses and the duration of their campaigns and searches. Additionally, each product plan comes with a free trial period. It could either be a 6-month commitment (monthly billing), a 12-month commitment (monthly billing), or annual pre-pay (where you save 20%). Support What support do you get from Wordstream? This ranges from a phone call, email, live support, training, to even tickets. Features and UI - Search marketing tools - Google keyword tool - Landing page tool - Tracking software - Bing Ads ToolCall - AdWords keyword tool - Free keyword tools - Keyword grouper - Keyword niche finder - Keyword generator - Free keyword tool - Keyword research - Keyword research for PPC - Keyword analysis - SEO basics - Keyword discovery

Managed vs. Non-managed services WordStream Managed Services usually eliminates the stress that comes with managing your online advertising accounts. With their in-house team of industry-proven marketing professionals, they’ll properly optimize your account so that you can focus on your business. For businesses that are looking for a “do it for me” solution, WordStream provides premium managed services for any advertiser who has advanced paid search needs. For those who need an expert to take on some (or even the entirety) of the account management, here’s what you will get: - Account review and goal setting - Dedicated account manager - Account structure and restructure - Keyword research - Text Ad creation and optimization - Campaign and Ad Group creation - Dynamic key phrase insertion - Advanced bid management - Call tracking - Geo-targeting - Multi-platform advertising - Conversion tracking - Landing page optimization - Detailed performance reporting (that is weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly) - Personalized call schedule - Transparency since you’ll always have access to your particular account


AdHawk also has a particular focus on Google AdWords and Facebook Ads. A startup by ex-Googlers, it's one of the best management platforms out there.

Thanks to the reporting tool for both iOs and web, they provide a stunning dashboard that consists of all of your valuable data in one place. In general, this dashboard will update everything in real-time, instead of doing it manually. What’s more interesting is that the AdHawk Algorithm enables for machine learning optimization throughout Google AdWords and Facebook Ad accounts. Similar to the “20-minute PPC advertising” of WordStream’s specialization, AdHawk also has a specialist area, and it is “one-click advertising.” As soon as a trend has been spotted from the statistics, a suggestion is sent for optimization. Regardless of if the trend is allocating budget or relating to keywords, it takes only a single click to implement. AdHawk also has a sleek dashboard, includes cross-platform reporting, and perfectly supports larger enterprises.

Pricing There is no free trial, and you should contact the vendor for AdHawk Assistant and AdHawk Managed Services. AdHawk is basically a digital advertising optimization platform with two different solutions. Each solution has a different enterprise pricing, and you could learn more about this from the sales team. You could, meanwhile, go through their inclusions below. AdHawk Assitant - Facebook Ads Management - Google AdWords Management - Real-time machine learning optimization - iOS and Web reporting tools - 24/5 email support - One-click target customer identification - Unlimited user seats - Weekly industry news and trends - In-app chat support AdHawk Managed Services - Account strategy - Campaign creation - A/B testing and Ad Copy and Creative - Real-time campaign optimization - Mobile app dashboard - Instagram, Facebook, Google campaigns - Aggregate reporting - Weekly PDF email reports - Customizable web dashboard

Features and UI Here are some features you should expect with AdHawk:

- Dayparting - Budget reallocation - Keyword optimization - Mobile app dashboard - Right device delivery - Best audience locator - Weekly PDF email reports - Customizable web dashboard - Weekly industry news and trends - Aggregate reporting

Managed Services AdHawk typically has an in-house team of digital advertising professionals who could take proper care of your accounts on your behalf. Generally, they utilize the optimization platform to assist you in maximizing your advertising investments so that you could continue focusing on your business operations. However, you will have a full view of their particular activities, which you can use to keep updated via the web dashboards and mobile app. Additionally, the application often sends weekly reports via email to ensure that you remain updated in terms of your campaigns.


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