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Why You Should Hire an E-Mail Marketing Automation Manager

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

The benefits of an E-Mail Marketing Automation Manager: Everything You Need to Know

Why Hire A Professional E-Mail Marketing Automation Manager?

Email marketing is one of the most effective channels of marketing your business even today. But anyone involved in email marketing knows how cumbersome and

time-consuming the process is.

That's where email marketing automation becomes so important. The latest technology in the industry lets you set up automatic email campaigns and automate the entire process. Automatic emails are timely, highly personalized, and hyper-relevant to the reader. Automated emails that are tailored to each consumer's behavior can help drive traffic, improve conversions, and sales for your business.  They will bring back old consumers and create super fans who are highly targeted to your business. Email marketing automation is not the best DIY project for someone who doesn't have extensive experience in the field. That's why you need to rely on a professional e-mail marketing automation manager to take care of the campaign. There are many benefits to hiring a professional e-mail marketing automation manager to handle your email marketing campaign.  This article provides information on why your business should be using e-mail marketing automation, and why you should hire a specialist for the job.


What Is Email Automation?

An automatic email campaign is set up once and sent automatically to a potential customer when he or she meets certain triggers. The process is quite different from one-off campaigns and newsletters you create and send to a list of potential customers. For example, imagine you want to send an email welcoming customers to your Facebook page. You will be wasting time and resources if you have to manually create and send emails to every customer who joins your Facebook page. An automated welcome email can be sent to every customer who joins your Facebook page exactly at the time of joining. 

The beauty of email automation is you set up the email campaign only once by defining the criteria the customer needs to meet to get your email. The email will continue to be sent automatically to every customer that meets the criteria without you ever having to lift a finger. You just set up and forget the entire process. The email automation tool will take care of the rest while giving you complete freedom to focus on more important tasks of your business. It literally automates your marketing for you.

"If you are not seeing the email channel as a money-making machine,

you have the wrong strategy." - Hans Smellinckx


Automated Emails For Your Customer Communications

There are so many ways to use automated emails in your business communications. Here are some of the most important occasions to use automated emails in your communications:

• Sending a welcome email to thank the customer for signing up for your offer.  • Let the customer know he or she is important to you by wishing them on their birthdays or anniversaries.  Sending a feedback email to get the opinion of the customer. • Sending a re-engagement email to customers who have not been in contact with you for a while. • Promote a new website, blog, or webinar.

Abandoned cart emails that ask the consumer to complete the purchase.


Benefits Of Email Marketing Automation

If you are still not convinced of the importance of email marketing automation for your business, here are some of the advantages of email marketing automation. You will be creating a bigger impact on the customer by segmenting them into different groups based on their purchase behavior, interests, and demographics. Email automation will let you tailor messages best suited to your audience - which will help improve your sales, conversions, and create loyal fans for your business. Your customers will receive only relevant communication resulting in better engagement with email automation. That's why you need to invest in email automation without delay. The best way to do it is to hire an e-mail marketing automation manager or specialist in town. Email automation is cost-effective compared to other marketing strategies out there. Whether you invest in automation tools or hire a specialist for the job, email marketing costs fairly minimal. It is still one of the most cost-effective ways of reaching your target audience - especially for a small business. Another important benefit of email automation is the ability to sync your emails with customer buying cycles. For example, a customer has purchased a product from your company and it will last for an average of 4 weeks. You can send an automated email to the customer before the completion of the 4 weeks to remind him/her to restock. Email automation lets you send the right email to the right person at the right time. This will help save you a lot of time in the process. You can use this extra time to focus on more important tasks of your business. Automation helps you target more mobile customers in this mobile age. More than 70% of emails are checked on mobile phones. You should take advantage of this trend by automating your email campaigns.  Email marketing metrics are easier to track and give you insight into your email campaigns. You can easily see which users opened the email and took the desired actions. This will help you analyze the email campaign and improve your digital marketing strategies over time. That's why you need to hire a professional email marketing automation specialist in town for your business.

"To not have an email address is the digital equivalent of being homeless...   Without it, you can’t shop online, bank online, or engage with social media."

- Dela Quist


E-Mail Marketing Automation Tools

There are hundreds of email marketing automation software on the market. Choosing a quality software isn't easy. Here are a few of the industry leaders in email marketing automation software: HubSpot's Pro Marketing Account

HubSpot is a pioneer in inbound marketing, and the company built an all-in-one CRM email marketing automation tool for small businesses. The advantage of this software is the marketer finds everything in one place. The analytics are also excellent. You can easily see the conversion rates of your campaign with this tool. Best for enterprises.  Keap Pro (by Infusionsoft)

This is another quality email marketing automation software on the market today. It is easy to use and affordable. The software targets service businesses because it helps you get organized with your customers and deliver great service to by keeping them all organized. You will close more business in the process. Best for small businesses - agencies will not find this as robust as its competitors.


This is one of the best, if not the best, email automation tools on the market. Five years ago, they were the underdog in the email marketing space. But they have grown today to surpass some of the best tools in the industry. ActiveCampaign offers a 14-day trial to customers who like to try out the software for free. Best suited for marketers and e-commerce. SharpSpring

This software is known as the marketing automation tool for agencies. The platform is fully re-brandable with a lot of features to the user. You can manage multiple clients under one piece of software with this tool. Best for marketers and e-commerce, and is the next most robust option to Salesforce or Hubspot.

Bottom Line: Email Is Still A Key Player In Marketing

There are tons of benefits to hiring an email automation specialist for your business. They have extensive experience in the industry that are up-to-date with the latest trends.

They understand your buyer's needs across the entire lifecycle - starting from awareness to purchasing, onboarding to retention, and growth. A professional email automation manager will work with key stakeholders such as product, marketing, and sales departments. They will manage a team of vast talents - including designers, content creators, and marketers. The right professional should have at least 3-5 years of email marketing experience and be a strategic thinker and hands-on executor. They should have solid writing skills and experience creating marketing content. The professional should be comfortable with new technologies and be driven by metrics. Make sure you choose a reputable and experienced email marketing automation specialist to take your marketing efforts to the next level.


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