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Responding to Reviews (Why it's Important For Your Business)

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Your business received a negative review on Google. What do you do? Hope it will disappear. Wish that you get enough positive reviews to push the negative review out of sight?

Unfortunately, brands can't control what is said about them in reviews and on social media, but they must ensure their reputation is protected.

That's why it's so essential for companies to be mindful of what is said about them online and to manage it accordingly. Keeping a close eye on social media account interactions and Google reviews is an excellent way of tracking your reputation among potential consumers.

Your response to these reviews, especially any negative ones, may make or break a potential client’s decision to do business with you.

Here are key reasons why responding to reviews promptly is essential and what to do about negative ones:


Why Responding to Reviews is Important for Your Business

In 2022 so far, 69% of Americans have shopped online, making your online business front and reviews vital to your growing customer base.

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Consumers are turning to Google My Business to vet existing businesses to see if they are worth their while.

And when they see a lot of negative reviews or reviews that have not been acknowledged, this may deter them from shopping with you.

Bad reviews are naturally disappointing, and frustrating. You work hard for your business and want your customers to feel positive about your company. And sometimes online negative reviews, which can damage your reputation, might not be accurate.

With one easy strategy that doesn't cost a dime, you can ensure that you are viewed as a conscientious and serious brand, despite having little control over what people say about you.

One of the worst things you can do for your online reputation is to let bad reviews linger. Unanswered reviews, especially negative ones, can leave customers unsatisfied and feeling that you did not take them seriously.

Not responding to reviews can lead to losing the customers you've worked hard to gain.

Influence Local Search Rankings With Customer Review Response

On top of being a conscientious business owner, responding to online reviews can increase your website search rankings. Google has confirmed that not responding to reviews can cause your business's local SERP to drop.

Google chooses review responses as part of their local pack ranking factors and, in some cases, will only offer results for businesses that have four stars and above.

Review responses make up over 15% of the elements in this algorithm, and these can effectively help your business stand out from the rest.

So, responding to reviews can potentially boost your page into the Google Maps 3 pack, the top three spots that appear below a local search result map.

And, with improved SERP rankings, there is a good chance that it will translate to more traffic to your page, increasing your sales.

You don't want to lose out on potential customers you might have gained otherwise.

How Do You Respond To Negative Reviews?

Negative reviews can be a tough pill to swallow, but it's essential to know how to react when they happen.

You never want your business or brand to die after one bad review because you reacted poorly.

A review can be an excellent source of feedback and insight into your customers. If a customer enjoys your products, they'll be sure to sing your praises online and tell their friends.

However, if there's something wrong, many reviewers are more than happy to explain what happened during their visit or interactions with you. This gives you a tremendous awareness of your customer and tells you how you can improve their experience.

Negative reviews don't necessarily mean that people will view your business in a poor light. Very easily they can often point to areas where you could put better strategies in place.

Read into the meaning and intention of the review that was left. If there is a negative review because you were out of stock, then start to take notice of the items your consumers are looking for to make sure you have more in stock on a regular basis.

Here are more tips when responding to negative reviews:

Don't React to the Review Before Evaluating it First

Avoid reacting poorly to a bad review without considering the situation. Customers have a lot of power online, and if something goes wrong, they will likely respond with a negative review.

Firing back at a negative review with a negative response will cost you, customers.

Responding positively can help increase customer loyalty because customers will see that concerns are taken seriously.

Take time before writing your response to plan for what you want to say so that you can offer value to anyone who reads the review.

Use a Review Response Guide: Some people get frustrated when given a negative review. This frustration can cause some defensiveness, making it difficult to think clearly about the review and take valuable customer insights to help improve your business.

This may not be the best solution. Instead, creating a guide or template that will standardize your response while keeping your customer feeling heard can turn around a negative customer experience.

Create a Public Response to a Review

You can use your social media channels to interact with current, past, and future customers. Using social media to draw leads often means receiving and sending messages.

You might also receive negative comments through your social media, and while it might seem more appropriate to respond through a message, it may, instead, look like you have ignored the comment altogether.

It helps to show the online world that there is an honest, rational person behind your business, which will benefit the overall impression of your brand. The community, and your audience, should appreciate your approach.

Have a Direct Conversation

Some reviews warrant a personal conversation with a customer. There may be a time that Google My Business or social media feedback is more serious and needs to be treated as such.

It is vital to have a good understanding of your customer and to prioritize what is important for them. Letting them know that you value their feedback and are listening, even during difficult situations, will provide you with improved customer satisfaction.

But, even when having a private, or direct conversation, comment on the public-facing review so that viewers can see that you did follow up.

Show Transparency

When customers perceive that you’ve made a mistake, transparency is critical for building trust. An important option to consider when anticipating negative reviews is taking ownership of your mistakes. Doing so can increase customer trust and show empathy.

Respond to Reviews to Take Control of Your Reputation

Review response is all about taking control of your business’s online content. Giving your business a voice through reviews is a great way to connect with your customers and promote brand awareness. Just respond respectfully, even when things aren't going your way.

Customers need empathy and a solution, not take-it-or-leave-it responses. How do you build trust with your customer and make connections that could lead to positive publicity down the line? Offer some solutions.

Sometimes, they might not be satisfied. Sometimes, they just need to clear their head and express their discontent. This will allow them to regain trust and interest in your business.

Responding to reviews can significantly impact your SEO rankings in a way you may not have been expecting.

Google - Kyber Digital

This is where your business can use Google review management to your benefit. Customer reviews will likely mention your business location or other keywords. In your response, mentioning your location, business name, and products or services you offer will give Google more information about you so that you can list your business on Google Maps.

As customer services have taken on a digital form, businesses have to be more strategic about their time and effort. Not just for responsiveness purposes but efficiency as well. A timely response indicates excellent customer service, which benefits you and your consumers.

Consumers today are spending more time online, so businesses need to understand the importance of a positive online presence.

E-commerce and digital marketing are growing as more and more people explore them. Businesses tangibly need to be comfortable with digital marketing tactics like analytics, content, and platforms like Facebook and Instagram, among others.

Kyber Digital

With so much information exchange nowadays, it is hard for any business to expect only good reviews.

When searching for local businesses to supply a product or need, a potential customer will see your business information (if you have optimized your site!). One of the things that you want to be included in that information is your customer reviews.

Review management is a significant undertaking, and your growth in location may make it even more effective. The truth is that no one likes writing review responses- but you might find that a bit more comfortable with the help of our marketing team.

Customers don't like being told the same thing over and over. They want personalized responses that reflect their specific needs.

This means creating a strategy for every customer! Working with Kyber Digital can help you manage your online strategy and grow your business.

Managing reviews can be stressful. See how hiring Kyber Digital marketing agency can manage your Google My Business and social media to help resolve this and yield positive results for your business.



Responding to your Google My Business reviews can improve the overall look of your business and boost your rankings on Google.

When responding to reviews, take these tips into consideration:

  • Don't react to the review before evaluating it first

  • Create a public response to a review

  • Have a direct conversation

  • Show transparency

Review response is all about taking control of your business’s online content. Giving your business a voice through reviews is a great way to connect with your customers and promote brand awareness.

Managing reviews can be stressful. See how hiring Kyber Digital marketing agency can manage your Google My Business and social media to help resolve this and yield positive results for your business.


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