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Social Media Marketing Management

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Why You Should Hire a Social Media Marketing Management Firm: Everything You Need to Know

Social Media Strategy Is Vital to ANY Business Are you struggling to get engagement and conversions with your social media? ​ If the latest statistics on the number of social media marketers are anything to go by, you cannot afford to ignore social media. If you do, you'll be leaving a lot of money on the table. That said, social media marketing can be quite challenging to come to grips with and consistently utilize to your advantage. ​ For instance, Facebook changes its algorithms and interface several times a year, and it directly affects how you post, and how you advertise. ​ Such changes make social media marketing a tad more difficult to understand. Nonetheless, businesses cannot afford to ignore social media. ​ Keeping tabs on all the changes in the social media space can be daunting for small, medium, and, in some cases, large businesses as well.  You need a dedicated social media marketer, who not only understands the intricacies of the social media landscape but also dedicates their time to keep up with the latest social media trends. ​ If you need more convincing, continuing reading and learn about the benefits you stand to gain from contracting professional social media marketing managers.

Social Media Marketing Is Harder Than It Looks Social media marketing should not be confused with an intern posting on your social media platform at random. It also doesn't mean simply creating videos and posting. There is a lot to it, and you NEED to develop a social media marketing strategy that complements all your other marketing efforts.  Otherwise, your efforts to post on the various social media platform will yield little to no benefits to your brands or your bottom line. In worst-case scenarios, you might end up harming your brand. Even after developing the marketing strategy, you need to continually refine it to ensure you consistently have the winning strategy. Social media marketing is not a set-and-forget marketing strategy. You have to work on it day in day out guided by a primary goal. A professional marketing firm like Kyber Digital has a team of professional social media marketing experts who can help you develop a social media strategy that aligns with your other marketing goals.  We develop winning marketing strategies for our clients, ensuring they accrue all the benefits of social media marketing. Check out one of our clients, Envision Festival. Whether you want to increase your brand presence on social media, increase your leads, or any other objective, we will develop a strategy to meet your goals. We work to refine the marketing strategies constantly; you can rest assured of a winning strategy that coincides with your branding and email marketing campaigns.

"If you're not optimizing your social media campaigns, you're losing money." - Gary Vaynerchuk

Analytics & Consistency Every branded business that has seen success will tell you consistency is key. To accrue any meaningful success with social media, you should be consistent with your content, both in terms of quality and publication.  ​ The content you develop should consistently tell your brand story in a way that is unique to your business. Focusing on your mission statement always - WHY you're in business. Whether you are posting videos on Instagram, making an announcement on Twitter, or posting on Facebook, your content should be consistently you, while also tailored appropriately for the platform it's on.  ​ In terms of posting your content in your social media marketing campaign, you should post your content on a scheduled basis. You should not post with plenty of consistency in the first months only to trail off and post irregularly when you see fit. You need to post in an almost predictable manner, where your followers can almost guess when you will make your next post. ​ A professional social media marketing firm comes in handy on this front as it can create and post quality content consistently for you.  

Engagement Is Crucial for Algorithm Boosts & Growth To boost brand engagement, businesses need to interact with their followers as much as possible. This means answering their questions on social media, acknowledging their followers’ mentions, replying to direct messages, random giveaways, and personalized interactions. As you can see, such an endeavor can be taxing. However, it has to be done. You'll even see PopTarts reply to users' questions on Twitter. ​ Social media marketing firms make it easy for companies to increase brand engagement as they monitor and interact with your followers on social media. ​ With a social media management firm on your side, your company is better placed to keep track of the latest or upcoming algorithmic and policy updates and make changes to the marketing strategy accordingly.

Return On Investment: Saving Time & Money With the right strategy, social media can yield a high return on investment. Conversely, you can lose a lot of money if you do not know what you are doing, which is the case for many businesses. Consider this, creating social media ads is not only time consuming but very confusing if you are a novice.  ​ For instance, in the case of ads, it takes more than having the right ad copy. You need the right image on the right social media platform to succeed. As a business owner or manager, you might spend hours on end trying to market your business, only for you to end up losing money. ​ Given that social media marketers are professionals with an intricate understanding of all social media marketing facets, you reduce the risk of losing money. In the same vein, when you hire a social media management firm, you free up all your company’s time and dedicate all effort to do what you know how to do best – solve your clients’ problems. ​ While you might be tempted to add an in-house social media marketing expert, you should be cognizant of the extra cost you will incur in the form of additional office space, benefits, etc. Hiring an external team who specializes in it reigns in the marketing costs you incur while ensuring you accrue all the benefits that social media marketing has to offer. In turn, you get a better return on investment. Other benefits that come with hiring a professional social media management company include professional performance tracking and reporting and better reputation management on social media platforms.


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