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Synup VS Birdeye VS Podium VS Yext for Review Generation and Listing Corrections

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

When it comes to managing all elements of your business, you need to have the right tools.

Generating reviews is vital to this process while ensuring that your business listings are correct is very important to your reputation and, inevitably, to your SEO rankings and sales numbers.

To help you narrow down your options, we’ve put together this breakdown of 4 popular profile and reputation management platforms.



Synup is a platform that helps businesses improve brand awareness and customer acquisitions. It can be used to build a stronger web presence and improve local business content. Headquartered in New York City, Synup operates in the USA, Canada, APAC, EMEA, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK.

Why Use Synup

Synup has a built-in review generation tool that can be used to solicit first generation reviews from customers, set up notifications so you can respond to reviews in a timely manner, and explore reviews for common keywords so you can more appropriately respond to customer needs.

In terms of listing corrections, Synup has an automated citation audit tool so you can easily add or correct your business listings across a number of webpages.

synup dashboard - marketing agency
Synup Dashboard

Easily scan to ensure that name, address, and phone number (NAP) are correct in Google My Business Listings and check to ensure that this information is correct across all web mentions. Synup also makes it easy to check for and delete duplicate listings.

For marketers managing a number of clients, it is relatively easy to set up and start tracking each one from the Synup dashboard.

While there have been some mixed user reviews on the user interface itself, Synup does provide a success coach to offer assistance and has 24/7 live support.


The starting price is not provided by the vendor but there is a free trial period. For our sources, they typically charge in only in bulk - starting at $300/mon for 10 seats (clients).


Birdeye is a platform that helps businesses and brands generate authentic reviews, respond to reviews, share reviews on social media, monitor reviews on over 200 sites, and receive insights based on customer feedback.

Why Use Birdeye

Birdeye is the top review generation platform on the market, with good reason.

The platform can be white-labeled for marketing firms looking to include the software as part of a broader marketing package.

For customer reviews, Birdeye integrates with Google’s private API to generate more Google reviews. It also allows users to customize and brand review requests and can support review generation on over 150 review sites.

Birdeye can integrate with your existing customer database, CRM, or PMS to easily automate review requests.

BirdEye’s comprehensive dashboard allows you to monitor reviews from a single location and the platform can provide in-depth reports to help manage reputation. With response templates and response automation, you can effortlessly and effectively respond to any and all reviews in a timely manner.

To improve organic search, you need to ensure that your business listings are correct. From the Birdeye dashboard, you can monitor and manage business listings to ensure their correctness across over 50 websites. The platform also allows you to view how exactly customers find and engage with your listing on Google. A valuable tool for streamlining marketing campaigns.

Birdeye Dashboard - Kyber Digital Marketing Agency
Birdeye Dashboard


Exact pricing has not been made available by the vendor but there is an available free demo.

There are three known pricing tiers, Standard (which supports listing and reviews), Professional (which supports listings, reviews, and interactions), and Premium (which supports listings, reviews, and other features including referrals, ticketing, and insights).

If you’re going the a la carte, route, it’s a bit different - everything is an add on.

BirdEye’s pricing, the rest of these software, is determined by how many licenses you purchase. More you get, cheaper each license.

For Bulk: 10 clients should run you (roughly) $100 per client for just review generation.

For individual: $350 give or take depending on your feature set

This does not include any other features per client. Each additional feature, such as integrations, chatbots, sentiment tracking, etc. is an addition $25-$50. You can see that this becomes expensive quite fast.


Podium is used by tens of thousands of brands to improve customer experience and helps a brand understand what makes them successful.

The primary goal of the platform is focused on providing convenience for the customer and giving businesses what they need to support those customers through reviews, sentiment analysis, messaging, Webchat, and more.

Why Use Podium

Podium makes it easy for customers to review your business. This customer ease will naturally lead to more reviews and, in time, greater web traffic and revenues.

Podium can integrate with Facebook, Google, and industry-specific review sites to help you build and grow your reputation.

With easy automation, you can generate review requests quickly and easily. And with in-depth reporting, you can see what is working well for your business and what is coming up short.

Podium will send notifications when a review is left and provides you with the ability to respond in the app itself. You can send personalized messages or use a customizable template, determine how many customers are sent to each review site for a comprehensive and balanced review ecosystem, perform sentiment analysis to identify trends in customer reviews and compare your reviews with those of your competitors to see how you stack up.

When it comes to listing management or listing corrections, Podium does not offer any options.


Podium’s pricing is not provided as quotes are custom built. There is, however, a free demo available.

Podium does NOT offer Agency or bulk pricing. From our sources, typically pricing sits around $400 per month per location.


Known for it’s immense and accurate integrations for NAP corrections (your business listing info), this platform has also taken the dive into review generation.

Customer review management is essential to your success. Yext allows you to unleash your brand’s true potential by generating authentic reviews while helping you manage these reviews.

Why Use Yext

Yext is an intuitive and easy to use platform that allows you to monitor and respond to reviews while identifying new opportunities for growth.

With Yext you can sync your CRM, mobile app, point of sale, or customer database to help you send branded review requests to first-party customers. Yext’s Review Quarantine feature enables you to screen reviews for up to 7 days before they go live on your website. You can then flag and remove inauthentic or inappropriate reviews and craft responses to authentic negative reviews before they go live, mitigating any damage they may cause.

Yext collects reviews from a number of review platforms and collates them on a single dashboard so you can monitor what is happening with relative ease. Using sentiment analysis and Intelligent Review Response you can identify important keywords in your reviews, to craft an appropriate, personalized, on-brand response.

When it comes to listing corrections, Yext Listings can ensure accuracy. Their patented Match & Lock technology means that as soon as you go live on Yext with your listing, you can automatically scan, locate, and claim your business listings on the platforms located in the Yext Knowledge Network. This system was built to maintain local SEO and scans the publisher database instead of just scraping the customer-facing services to identify the listings you want to control. Once a match is identified, Yext locks that listing so it cannot be altered by any other source.

Yext goes a step further. With their proprietary Dual-Sync technology, any time you make an update to your listing on the platform, the changes will automatically be updated on your listings across the web. This is particularly important if you need to update operating hours during holidays, for example. And if that wasn’t enough, Yext enables you to schedule updates to your listing so you do not have to continually log in to make these updates.


Pricing is not provided by the vendor but there is a free trial available.

YEXT also does tiered pricing with a la carte add ons. The more locations you have, the cheaper per location it gets.

For Bulk: Per our sources, about 10 locations is about $30 each, give or take.

For individual locations: plan to pay $45-50 rang.e

Yext can sell you the review generation feature set without the listings set, similarly to BirdEye. That said, when you start to add the feature sets together, it becomes expensive quickly.

Choosing Review Generation and Listing Software

When it comes to choosing software for review generation and listing corrections and management, you need to choose the platform that best suits your needs as a business or marketing agency. If you would like to package and sell these services to your clients, you will need a platform like Birdeye that can be white-labeled. If listing correction and management is a top priority, Podium will not be the wisest choice.

Each platform listed in this post can be a remarkably valuable tool for business success but each one has a slightly different focus and can meet different industry needs. Before making a choice, think long and hard about your specific goals then refer back to this content to make the final decision.


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