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Why a Sales Script is Necessary for Your Office Manager

Sale Script - Kyber

Would you like your office manager to be more effective in their job?

A digital marketing company can help get traffic to your site, but it is your office manager that will speak with the customer and nurture the sale.

This is where a sales script for an office manager becomes necessary.

We will discuss what goes into making a successful sales script for your office manager and how it can help generate and close sales for your business.


Why Do You Need a Sales Script?

Your office manager runs your office and is responsible for handling customer inquiries, whether through the phone, online or in person.

An office manager is often the face and voice of your business, which means they are also responsible for building relationships with potential customers and nurturing leads until they become paying clients.

However, many office managers struggle to close sales because they don't have a script to help them.

Inbound calls - Kyber Digital

A sales script for inbound calls from potential leads might be a valuable tool that helps your office manager understand your sales process.

After all, your office manager likely will handle contact requests, scheduling, and other customer-driven tasks.

Leveraging their customer service experience with a sales script will give your business a shot in the arm and fill in an often-overlooked touchpoint—ultimately leading to an increase in sales.

What is a Good Sales Script?

It is essential to know what goes into an effective sales script, so you can determine if this tool will be beneficial for your office manager's needs.

A high-quality marketing company should have no problem providing you with a digital marketing plan and strategies that detail the types of digital content and messages you will use to attract potential customers.

These strategies will drive traffic to your contact channels and, thus, involve your office manager.

The office manager's script should ensure that the following information is addressed:

  • Collection of contact information from a customer and adding them to your client list or customer database;

  • Ascertaining a calling client's purpose for calling and whether the caller could use services that the company offers;

  • Determining the next step after obtaining the details from the caller;

  • Ensure that the customer is satisfied by saying something like, "Is there anything else I can assist you with?" Do not leave without resolving any issues.

  • Leave a favorable impression on a client and persuade them to return.

Your office manager should always be prepared with a script and know when it is okay to deviate from it to close the sale.

Examples of What to Include in an Office Managers’ Sales Script

You’ll want your sales script to adjust based on the context.

For example, if the office manager receives a call from an online ad, they need to be prepared with the information.

Consider including and addressing the following:

- A beginning greeting: Your office manager has probably already developed a way to answer emails, phone calls, or other inquiries. It might be a good idea to tweak the greeting to ensure that your company is named in the greeting. You may also want your office manager to use a custom email signature.

- A call to action: This is where you want your office manager's script to lead them for it to be effective. For example, an online search led someone directly to speak with your office manager on the phone and request to be scheduled for an in-person consultation or seek more information on your products or services.

- A closing: At this point, you want them to thank the customer and end on a positive note. This could include asking if there is anything else they can help with or scheduling another callback.

- An introduction/background on yourself or your business: This can be as simple as ensuring that your office manager explains their role in your company and how they can help potential customers solve their pain points.

- What you or your company can provide for them: Your product or service should be solving a pain point for callers, so ensuring that your office manager (or any person who may receive a sales call) remains helpful is crucial to nurturing a sales.

- Asking for the sale: This is the end goal, so be sure to include it in your office manager's sales script. A good sales script comes in handy; after all, you're trying to convince people to part with their money. But the fact that it is challenging doesn't mean that it's impossible, and there are several techniques you can use to maximize your ability to make sales.

Consistency is one of the primary keys to successful sales calls, and the best way to achieve consistency is through a sales script that you use every time. That is why the script can significantly benefit you and your business.

What Does a Good Sales Script Do?

Office managers and salespeople alike can have difficulties controlling a conversation to get the desired outcome.

A good sales script provides your office manager (or anyone else) with a system that helps control thoughts, actions, and words so they can stay on track throughout the entire process of making a sale.

This is why it's essential to have one in place when dealing with potential customers over the phone or face-to-face interaction, because it will help you focus on what's important, and that is closing the sale.

A good sales script benefits your office manager in many ways, including:

Gives a Starting Point

When you work with a digital marketing company, their services, such as website search engine optimization (SEO), will drive traffic that provides you with leads.

However, if your office manager is not good at closing sales, the lead may never become a paid customer.

Having a good sales script gives you and your office manager a starting point for approaching potential customers and building relationships.

Helps to Control the Conversation

A good sales script will help your team control the conversation by guiding what to say and do. This is important because it lets your team focus on getting the customer to buy instead of wasting time with small talk.

Ensures All Talking Points are Hit

It can be challenging to remember everything available to clients during a call, and your office manager must deliver the message you need potential customers to hear.

A tweaked script to include specific features will ensure that your office manager covers the main points (even if they aren't familiar enough to dive deep into the sales aspect).

Provides a Structure

A good sales script provides your team with the structure needed to ensure that every part of the sale is covered and discussed appropriately for an effective conversation.

Gives Confidence

A good sales script gives your team the confidence needed to make a sale. It lets you know what to expect and helps reduce the anxiety they may feel when speaking about sales (especially when it is not their primary job).

How Can a Sales Script Benefit Your Business

Many business owners overlook the benefits of providing a sales script for their office manager.

It can be easy to get caught up in managing your office, and your office manager may be the most personable individual in your workplace, but without some type of scripting, it can be challenging for them to make a sale.

Instead, it's better for your business if you focus on what matters - getting people that have never heard of your company interested enough to make a purchase.

Consider working with a digital marketing agency to get customers and drive traffic to your contact points.

With these tools, you will need to provide your office manager with a solid sales script, and they will, in turn, need to use the script consistently to nurture a sale.

A sales script doesn't mean your office manager "doesn't know their stuff"; it just helps cover better ground and create more well-rounded employees.

Sales calling scripts will help your employees to stay focused and organized, make the most persuasive talking points at the right moments, and generally build more effective sales relationships by sounding more professional and well-informed.

Working with a sales call script starts bigger and better sales results!



An office manager is often the face and voice of your business, which means they are also responsible for building relationships with potential customers and nurturing leads until they become paying clients.

However, many office managers struggle to close sales because they don't have a script to help them. Consider providing them with a sales script, which would:

  • Give office managers a starting point

  • Help to control the conversation

  • Ensure all talking points are hit

  • Provide a structure

  • Give them confidence

A sales script should include:

  • A strong beginning greeting

  • Acknowledgment of a call to action

  • An introduction/background on yourself or your business

  • What you or your company can provide for them

  • Asking for the sale

  • A strong closing

Office managers might not always address all these points, but they can come up. Consider working with a digital marketing agency to get you customers and drive traffic to your contact points.


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