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The most effective way for B2B companies to target new accounts and enrich sales data.

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Who Is Quantum Audience Targeting For?



Find companies looking for software solutions that your company solves

Manufacturing Companies

Find new distributors, GCs, and startups looking for new manufacturing solutions.



Find companies looking for new build-out solutions or new vendors. 



Find construction companies looking for new energy-efficient solutions or consultants.



Find businesses looking for specific marketing and advertising solutions.

Our Process

Step 1. 

Quantum Audience Targeting®

We pull data from 1st, 2nd, and 3rd party sources, to build a list of companies in-market for your services. We then layer this with public records criteria. 

We call this
intent-data, meaning they are actively discussing or researching a problem you solve.

We then lead score your list based on criteria and behavior signals so we know
whom to target first.


Marketing and sales share the same data - this way your sales team already knows what your prospects want, and get notified live in real-time when they show a "significant level of interest" in your company. 

What sets Quantum Audience Targeting® apart?

Target the Right People,

at the Right Time.

1. Ideal Customer Profile - Our system collects and analyzes consumer behavior from over 100+ different sources - this allows us to specifically target which businesses are in-market for your solutions now. 

2. Data-Lead Marketing- We merge 1st, 2nd, and 3rd party data into our Marketo hub. The best part is it doesn’t require you to guess how to acquire more market share - we use buying intent data.

3. Consolidate, & Close Faster - Since we’re utilizing real-time data on accounts, conversions happen faster - you could close your next project in as little as 30 days. 

How do we find companies in buying cycles?

Behavior Driven Marketing

Find Companies Who Need You - Stop guessing how to acquire more market share - we use intent-data to find companies actively looking for solutions that you provide. This means your sales team can close accounts faster while finding new emerging opportunities. 

Measure Engagement. - We use content distribution to educate and guide prospects further down the funnel and measure their level of engagement.

Lead Scoring - We lead score the behavior of your prospects to ensure you only attempt to close accounts that are actually ready to close.

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Perks, At No Extra Cost

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Google My Business Maps 3 Pack Ranking

What You Get: 

  • Now you can start get phone calls from Google for no extra cost

  • Ranking in the 3 pack within 90 days.

  • Automated review generation

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B2B Referral Networking Campaigns

What You Get: 

  • Aligning strategic partnerships with Property Managers, Public Adjusters, Architects, Engineers etc.

Website Mockup

Website / Landing Page Design (FREE)

What You Get:

  • Whether you have a website or not, we'll do an entire audit and create new landing pages. 

  • Modern, clean, conversion-friendly designs. 

  • Integrated into your sales system

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