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The Foundation's Program

Designed for Small Businesses Just Getting Started

Branding Kit
Branding Voice
Business Assessment
1 year Business Plan
Free Website Build
Complete Offer Build
Identify Sales Wedge
Content Map Template
Content Map Build
Go To Marketing Strategy
Bonus - Limited Access to Kyber Courses
Bonus Item - Chat Bot Build
Logo, Animated Logo, and branding kit
Exercise to brand your company's voice
Buzzboard assessment
1 Page KPI Focused Business Plan (Current State and the Gap between the Future State)
Up to 15 page website redesign and SEO optimization
Steps 1-15 of Offer Build surrounding your core product/service + 3 Big Marketing
Identifying the low cost, low risk, foot in the door sales wedge. Designed to provide an immediate ROI, high value roadmap to their future state
Customer Buyer Journey Per Persona
We map out the content for your content map
Take to market strategy plan implementing what you've just built for next 90 days
Limited Access to Contractors Condensed and Contractors Expanded
Tailored to their company via Birdseed
Competitor Rates
Time Frame
Time Frame - Week 1
Time Frame - Week 1
Time Frame - Week 1
Time Frame - Week 1
Time Frame - Weeks 1-5
Time Frame - Weeks 1-5
Time Frame - Week 3
Time Frame - Week 4
Time Frame - Week 4
Time Frame - Week 5

Who Are Our Programs For?

At Kyber Digital we have several unique programs designed to grow and scale any size business. Whether you are just getting started or your business is bottlenecked, we have a progam for your business.

We offer business assesments, full re-brands, and plans to make sure you’re scaling properly. View our full list of programs above.

Successfully Launched our Commercial Roofing Division

"Kyber Digital already did an amazing job on our residential campaign. When we decided to go commercial, they stepped up to the plate and hit a homerun - we did an additional $1 Million in closed contracts in the first 45 days.  They care about their clients. It's like they're directly a part of our company."

Ronald Frame - Champion Exteriors

"Our Revenue Went Up 300%"

"Kyber Digital helped us develop our service division and perform less new construction.  The year after we hired them our revenue went up 300%. Even throughout Covid we stayed busy ... it'd honestly be foolish not to hire them."

Frank Majewski - Owner Majewski Plumbing

134% increase in gross revenue in 6 months

"Within 60 days we had a complete ROI turnaround. We were getting so many jobs that we couldn’t keep up with demand. We would recommend Kyber Digital to literally anyone. They saved us thousands of dollars AND got us more work. It’s a no-brainer."

- DML Locksmith

Create Demand

For Your Business

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