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General Terms Of Engagement Client Policy

To ensure that our internal processes continue to provide the best services, here are the following client-facing processes Kyber Digital follows, (unless a written request in advance from the Client is granted with written approval from Kyber Digital):

  • All communication will be sent to Kyber’s designated Client Success Manager (Julia)

  • All communication will include all contractually designated liaisons for the account. This includes emails, phone calls, zoom calls, and text messages

  • Communication with additional staff will not be permitted bi-directionally between companies unless written approval in writing is granted in advance.

  • Communication without both liaisons present will require a recap and approval by the other designated liaisons of the Client and may cause delays in launching

  • All website changes will need written approval from all designated liaisons

  • All requests are submitted by email and will be addressed in 2-3 business days

  • All parties will speak and write in professional tones


Our typical business hours are Monday - Thursday 9 AM - 5 PM Eastern. Extended hours are available by request and appointment only. No additional fees will occur. Kyber Digital's emergency or non-working hour fees will be the following: (including non-scheduled calls/texts)

  • $150 per hour weeknights

  • $400 per hour weekends

  • $250 per hour weeknights - CEO

  • $750 per hour weekends - CEO


Notice: Since our inception, it has always been Kyber Digital's company policy to completely shut down, hide, or pause all communication and any and all live client campaign assets (including website, ads, SEO work, etc.) when a lawsuit is threatened or presented. In the event that a verbal or written notice is presented: all future communication will come from the CEO with Kyber’s appointed attorney cc'd on all communications. Should the Client choose to require different processes than what Kyber Digital comes standardly equipped with,  such as campaign/client additional requirements, and/or changes for additional staff, the following will need to be put into place:

  • Written SOP documents from the Client to ensure deliverables and expectations are met

  • 30-60 day written notice - depending upon the request

  • Should additional staff be required by Kyber to hire on the client’s behalf:  A minimum fee of $75,000 - is to be paid upfront, which covers 6 months of staffing.

  • Extended/priority access to the team (during working hours) requires a minimum spend of $100,000 per month


These processes and guidelines ensure Kyber can provide the best service and working environment possible. If these guidelines are not followed Kyber Digital has the right to terminate all work/contracts. Kyber Digital puts these processes in place to ensure not only that our clients obtain their goals, but also to prevent catastrophic cascade failure on a campaign, or internal communications. These safeguards ensure that no decision gets made without all of the decision-makers present. This allows Kyber Digital's proven systems for revenue growth to operate smoothly and seamlessly.

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