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MM Dynamic of NY

Went From 1 Roof a Week to 1 Roof a Day.

"Kyber's team has turned my commercial roofing company completely around. I didn't really understand how to position us in the market before we changed our offer and approach to sales."

Champion Exteriors

Doubled Annual Revenue in 12 Months

"We've just exploded, we went from doing one to two roofs a week to doing five or six roofs a week. They take the time to help me understand what they're doing to make us better." 

J&J Contracting

Seamless Business Acquisition Transition

"We just bought out a roofing business to add to our general contractor wheelhouse, and we were very afraid of the transition of ownership and losing customers. Kyber's team made that transition seamless and improved the ad strategy that was already there. Everything is now running smoothly, green comin' in!"

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